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We do not measure the performance of our employees by the amount of time spent in the office.


The main parameter by which we characterize our performance. Moreover, the client should always be satisfied, at any point in the interaction.
Moreover, it should be positive in the calculation for a long period of time. Sometimes we can work in our own minus: do more than we promised to get the work done.

Thanks to this valuation method, every employee in our company understands that the salary is paid to him not by the director or accountant, but by the client. We receive payments from our clients for our services, the director makes a transfer from the current account, the accountant calculates salary and prepares payment orders. This allows us to maintain a high level of service quality even with a steady increase in quantity.

We work in the market for more than 12 years. We do not have a sales department.
The influx of customers is on the recommendations for "word of mouth."
Under this pace, we gradually scale our company.

MT Global — is...

Медиа технологии
Медиа проект
Более 12 лет занимается поставкой оборудования, интеграцией оборудования и программного обеспечения и дальнейшим сопровождением.
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Electronic document management

Electronic document management (EDM) — a single mechanism for working with documents submitted in electronic form, with the implementation of the concept of "paperless office work"

For your convenience, saving time and money, we use electronic document management systems. Benefits:

  • quick access to documents, speed in the correction of papers
  • effective management of the movement of documents
  • all can work in a single information space wich allows accelerating the coordination of documents and decision-making
  • security and safety of documents - data encryption allows you to stop attempts of unauthorized use of information
  • exclusion of dubbing of the documentation, preservation of the history of each document, any action with it will be recorded (it is important if disagreements arise between the counterparties)
  • reliable, free and indefinite storage of documents
  • decrease in financial expenses on document circulation and office work
СКБ Контур
is the system of the EDO SKB Kontur CJSC accredited by the FTS operator (Passport No. 0222).
СКБ Контур
is the system of the EDO LLC “Company Tenzor ”accredited by the FTS